Australian Consulate-General
Shanghai, China

LE3 Research, Visits and Public Diplomacy Officer


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) section of the Australian Consulate-General Shanghai has a vacancy for a locally-engaged staff member to fill the following position:


LE3 Research, Visits and Public Diplomacy Officer

The successful applicant will be required to work as part of the Political / Economic / Public Diplomacy research and reporting team under the direction of the Deputy Consul General.

The successful applicant for this position will be offered an attractive salary commensurate with their skills and experience. This position is for an initial 12-month contract period.

The duty statement and selection criteria are attached. Your application, written in English, must include:

  • a statement of claims for the position separately addressing each of the selection criteria (3 pages maximum)
  • curriculum vitae; and
  • contact details of two work-related referees


    Applications that do not address the selection criteria will not be considered.


    Only applications from Chinese and Australian nationals will be considered for this position.

    The basic salary for the level 3 position will be RMB 109,552 per annum. Australian citizens will be paid an additional annual allowance of approximately RMB 33,960 (for an Australian Tax Resident) or RMB 44,364 (for a Non - Australian Tax Resident).


    Applications and enquiries should be sent to: (Please do not send enquiries to this address.)

    Enquiries can be directed to Ms Teresa Dai ( or +86 21 2215 5262).


    Closing date for applications is 13 October 2017


Job Description

This position requires the ability to write expressively and accurately, proven research skills, strong interest in political and economic developments in east China, and knowledge of Australia.

Under the direct supervision of the Manager, Research Visits and Public Diplomacy unit, and Consul (Policy):

  • Prepare records of conversation, briefings and reports; take notes as required.
  • Prepare and/or edit media releases, write speeches, manage and coordinate appropriate media relations activities.
  • Implement a coordinated public diplomacy strategy to increase public understanding of Australia’s foreign affairs and trade policies.
  • Undertake political, economic and trade research on key developments in east China of relevance to Australia’s foreign and trade policy interests.
  • Assist in setting up/packing up events; organise logistical arrangements for visit programs.
  • Provide administrative and operational support to senior staff.
  • Perform other duties as directed.


Selection Criteria

  1. Demonstrated ability to work independently to research and produce high-quality written reports within tight deadlines.
  2. Strong organisation and time management skills. Ability to multi-task and reprioritise in response to changing requirements.
  3. Good understanding of China, including the economy, political institutions, society and culture, and the bilateral relationship with Australia.
  4. Demonstrated ability to work in a cross-cultural team. 
  5. Ability to take initiative, recognise opportunities for improvement, and implement change.
  6. English and Mandarin language skills essential.