Australian Consulate-General
Shanghai, China

Adult Passport, renewal (simplified renewal form)


Step 1- Make an appointment to lodge your passport application. The Passport Office operates an appointment system. We will not see you without an appointment.

Passports Office location:

Level 22, CITIC Square
1168 West Nanjing Road
Jing’An District

Appointment Link

Book Your Appointment with Australian Consulate General Shanghai - Professional Services (

Appointment times are normally booked-out up to 4 weeks in advance. Allow a minimum of 6 weeks to receive your new passport. Please keep this in mind when making your travel plans.

Step 2- Check your eligibility for an adult passport renewal.

Adults who are renewing their Australian passport can use the Australian Passport Renewal Application Form if the following are true:

  • you are an adult (over 18 years old) AND
  • you have held an Australian passport

- issued from 1 January 2006 onwards with at least two years validity

- issued when you were 16 years or over

- that has a status of valid or expired (not, for example, Lost or Stolen)

  • can present the passport at lodgement, And
  • have not changing any of your personal details (name, date of birth or gender) on the passport, AND
  • you are able to present your current passport at the passport appointment, AND
  • you are able to answer the security questions to print the form, AND
  • Applicants that previously held a child passport with 5 years validity are ineligible for streamlined renewal.

Step 3 - Fill out your application form. Please do not use whiteout on the declaration section. If you make a mistake, you can cross it out and initial next to the change. If you have signed incorrectly, please fill in a new form.

OnlineAustralian Passport Office ( This link will allow you to confirm that you are eligible to renew your adult passport and complete application form online. You will need VPN to access this website


Note: You cannot download blank forms.

After you have completed your form online, print it using the "fit to page" setting to ensure no sections are missing and sign inside the white box and date the application form. Make sure there are no alterations to signatures or dates.


In person: during your scheduled appointment (Step 1) at the Australian Consulate General Shanghai.

Step 4 - Take three passport photos. Some photo shops may not have the most updated Australian passport photo specifications. Home-printed photos are usually not acceptable as there are strict requirements. Please carefully check the Passport photo guidelines to avoid rejection. 

The “crown of head” is where the top of your skull would be if it were visible. It is not the top of your hair or the start of your hairline. Picture yourself bald and measure from the top of your skull to the tip of your chin.

Please clearly print your full name on the back of one photo. Your photographs do not need to be endorsed by someone else.

Step 5 – Lodge your application and pay the fee. Applications must be lodged in person at the Australian Consulate-General in Shanghai. You need to make an appointment.

Things to bring:

  1. The completed and signed Australian Passport Renewal Application form. (if applicable)
  2. Three passport photos (see Step 4).
  3. Your most recent Australian passport. It is important to bring your most recent passport to be eligible for a passport renewal.
  4. Payment can be made by Alipay, wechat and most of the bank cards.


Note: Officer may require further documents pertaining to your application at lodgement