Australian Consulate-General
Shanghai, China

Australians in China



Australian Citizenship for Australian children born in China


Hospitals and Medical Services (a small selection)

Police Clearances

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

Applying for a Tax File Number (TFN)

APEC Business Travel Card

Customs & Quarantine

Australian Government Benefits, Payments and Services

Centrelink - Department of Human Services (DHS) International Services

Returning to Australia


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How to vote while overseas and Going overseas
State and Territory Electoral Authorities 


Consular privacy collection statement
• Your consent is required before we can disclosure your personal information to selected individuals/organisations. 

What we can and cannot do

Legal Advice. The Consular Section does NOT: 

  • give you legal advice, interpret or translate documents, though we may provide details of some local lawyers.
  • intervene in another country's court proceedings or legal matters including employment disputes, commercial disputes, criminal cases and family law matters or child custody disputes.
  • get you out of prison or prevent you from being deported 
  • post bail or pay your fines or legal expenses.
  • enforce an Australian or any other custody agreement overseas or compel a country to decide a custody case.